Tuesday, June 30, 2009

off the cuff

So, I don´t have anything prepared for today, but I am right now in the internet cafe and decided to give improv writing a shot. Really, it is downpouring out there and i don´t have an umbrella, so i will be here until i use up 26 Lempiras worth of time, which happens to be how much money I have in my pocket. We are in another one second= fully drenched type rain, so here i am.

News: Well, there has been quite a lot to talk about in the local news, but in order to secure Peace Corps volunteer safety, they advise that it is best to leave your personal comments personal, and not share with the world. Important part: I am safe, we are all safe, and there is a lot of continued talk between the peace corps and the US embassy to ensure that we stay safe. The new training class was supposed to arrive on Wednesday, but they will instead be going to the Dominican Republic for a little bit. I thought about offering to assist in training, but realized that my suggestion probably wouldn´t be appreciated right now. I can´t imagine all this happening on the eve of when we arrived into Honduras. I just remember how many times we had to move during training, and how everyone complained about it, and now these poor people will have more moves than most.

Back to me:

I haven´t really been doing much lately. I have been watching a lot of news, and talking to the host family. Its a good time to be here if you like international politics.

Hmm, really not much more to say. Please feel free to send american candy, it is more expensive here than honduran candy, but at the same time it tastes a lot better. ON the subject of food, i have finally gotten used to eating oatmeal in the morning. I have oatmeal with a little granola on top (to differ the textures) and then add a good bit of sugar to make the whole thing more honduran. I haven´t eaten too much on my own lately (which is good) because my host mom thinks i lost weight, and that reflects badly, so i have been getting some pretty good food.

ok, rain has ended, and i have to do some grocery shopping. Take care!


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